questions about hotels and time in Evora

We will be traveling next September on the 14 day Portugal and Spain tour. Many of the hotels are lovely looking but huge, commercial, international types and the comments are often negative about the service etc. Are these mostly tour group /business hotels with very little Spanish or Portugese ambiance? Also, the hotel I like the most is the converted convent where we will only be for one night. Is there time to enjoy any of the amenities of this hotel during the short stay? Also, since the hotels seem to be quite cosmopolitan, is the attire a bit less casual than most of the Tauck trips I have been on?
Thanks for any input out there!!
Oh, how did people enjoy the pace of the trip? How long was the bus travel between cities, on average?
Many thanks!


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    We really enjoyed the hotels on our Spain & Portugal tour. Tauck always tries to balance location, comfort, quality, service, ambiance. Of course not every hotel will always have all of these, but Tauck does a great job of choosing the right places. If the hotel tends to be more commercial rather than having comfy ambiance, there is usually a good reason for that trade-off, and benefits the travelers.

    I did an extensive posting of our experience with our two back-to-back Spain tours. It sounds like you might find it helpful with your other questions. It also has a link to photos we took in the various hotels.


    Have a wonderful time...I have no doubt you will!

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