July 17 Castles & Kings

My husband and I are taking our two daughters (ages "almost 13" and 16)on the July 17 Castles & Kings tour. Anyone else have teenagers on that tour? Also, we will be arriving one day early. Anyone have suggestions about the best activity with the extra time in London?


  • Hi Mikkio,

    I had the good fortune to take this trip a number of years ago, and one thing I can definitely recommend is going to see a play at the Globe Theatre. The plays there tend not to be your standard Shakespeare like you'd see on the West End, instead, they're revamped and changed to make them more accessible to modern audiences, with some pop culture references dropped in (or at least it was when I saw it), trying to achieve the same effect with a modern audience that Shakespeare had with audiences back in his day.

  • Thanks Tim. My oldest is a Shakespeare fan, even insisting on a visit to the reproduction of the Globe in San Diego last year. I know she would enjoy a play at the REAL thing! Great idea!
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