boot, parka and wind pants rentals

Is it possible to rent boots, parkas and wind pants in Churchill?


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    Hi Cherej,

    We've partnered with New Headings who provide an "easy-to-use, one-stop shop" for your Tauck travel needs, specifically selected for this trip. Just click the link below and check out all of the great suggestions on what to pack and what is available to rent: http://www.necessarygear.com/index.php?cPath=34_62

    Hope this helps!
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    My daughter and I are booked on the Nov 1, 2014 tour, and we request feedback on recommended outerware. A search of Churchill weather records indicate thet we should expect average temps in the 15 - 30 degrees F range, although I understand that temps could be significantly colder. Also, other than the day we go dog sledding, we will be in a heated environment much of the time.

    Does it make sense to bring a bag full of arctic gear, or would long underwear, insulated boots, and a good jacket suffice?
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    I did this unbelievable tour in November 2010. I did not bring a "bag full of arctic gear". This is what I wore: my boots with heavy socks. On the lower part of my body - thermals, jeans and windpants, upper part - thermals, shirt, sweatshirt and winter jacket (one that I wear at home in NJ during the winter). The only items that I purchased before the tour were the heavier socks and windpants. Don't forget a hat that covers your ears and a scarf. I found these at the outdoor stores in my local outlet mall. I have since used them while at home so it was not a waste of money for me.

    Dogsledding was the coldest part but there was a building that one could wait in before going on your ride. There was also another day when we were outside briefly learning about the area and it was cold then. The "buggy" that you ride to see the polar bears is heated. In fact at one point I had my outer jacket off and was not freezing.

    I look at this tour every year and think about doing it again as it is the favorite of all my approximate two dozen Tauck tours, but then I remember that there are many other places that I want to see!!
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    Thanks, Kathy, for your response, which has been extremely useful in planning our wardrobe. We arrive in Winnipeg late in the afternoon the day before our tour begins and wonder if you or any other readers have any suggestions for what to do Friday evening and Saturday morning (Tour begins @ 2 PM); or where to dine. We are reasonably adventurous when it comes to dining. Thanks, again, for your comments.

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    Here's a good link for weather info:

    We've got everything we need but will have to weigh our bags after a practice packing.

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