Things to Take to Egypt

From the old bulletin board, I noted some unusual things that travelers recommended carrying. Anybody who has made this trip is urged to comment:

A roll of dollar bills: Apparently there are merchants selling things at every stop and haggling is the order of the day. Put away any larger bills and only carry the singles. Tour guide will provide local currency for use in public toilets.

Ends of rolls of toilet paper: Apparently there was scarcity and travelers stored their almost-used rolls for use in Egyptian public toilets.

Eye drops: Apparently the sand dries out one's eyeballs

Baby wipes and tissues: Self-explanatory

There was also a note that reported that Traveler's Checks are difficult to use in Egypt and that SANDALS were not especially useful to wear because the grit makes it difficult to walk on them by day and feet are too cold aboard ship at night. (Sounds seasonal.)

The trip is also reported to be physically challenging. Some folks waited in the air conditioned bus instead of voyaging into the tombs. [What's the fun in doing that??]


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    Dollar bills are useful for tipping too. I wished I had taken more of them.

    Bring hand sanitizer. You will want to wash your hands frequently.

    The resort you stay at in Cairo has a bank onsite. They can help change money. In Luxor, there is a bank across the street from the hotel. In Jordan, our guide was kind enough to take money & get it converted to dollars for me (so I could tip our wonderful tour director. The hotel there converts to Jordanian dinar, but not American dollars.

    A number of people on my tour brought candy to give to the kids who would beg when you were out and about.

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    MY wife and I wore comfortable sneaker- type walking shoes throughout our trip in Egypt. Needless to say, a safari-style hat, good sunglasses and sunscreen were invaluble. Good luck!
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    Take an umbrella...yes, an umbrella! There is no shade at the wonderful sites....you have to take your own. I have been in Egypt in November a number of years ago and hope to go again with Tauck in November, 2012.
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    Take pepto-bismol tablets or other similar meds for mummy tummy. Brush your teeth with bottled water.

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    When we took the Egypt/Jordan tour, my wife brought along a hand fan. It was very useful in those areas that have little air movement. She could have sold her fan 20 times to many of the ladies on the tour!
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