England Scotland Wales from 19 June 2014

Hi, I´m Sonia from Chile. Hope to meet someone before this tour....I´m travelling with another friend.
best wishes to all....


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    Hello, Sonia. My husband and I are booked for the England, Scotland and Wales tour starting on June 20. We are from the United States. We look forward to meeting you.
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    My husband and I are also on the Scotland tour starting June 20th. We live in New York. Looking forward to a great trip and with hopefully good weather:)
    Irene & Jack
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    My husband and I are from Massachusetts. Anyone else out there on the June 20 trip starting in Scotland?
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    We are arriving on July 18th. Anyone else coming earlier? If so, has anyone made sightseeing plans for the days prior?
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    Zartiste, do you mean June 18?
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    Yes! June 18th! Thanks for catching that:)

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    I'm Gloria. My husband Jerry and I will be arriving in Edinburgh about 9:30 morning of the 20th. We live in North Carolina, USA!! I'm getting very excited! Have been mentally packing for quite some time ... now it's getting time to get real about it. Looking forward to meeting our busmates!
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    Hi, We are John and Pat. We live in the always busy Washington, DC suburbs. This will be our second Tauck tour. Our first tour to Switzerland was outstanding. It looks like we will have a group from several different states. It is fun to meet others and hear how different (and not) our country is.
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    My name is Leslie. My husband Doug and I will arrive in Edinburgh around 11:00AM on June 20. We look forward to meeting everyone.

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