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In Malta and Italy, are US credit cards accepted? If paying in cash, should we have euros or will US dollars be accepted?


  • In Italy you can pay by credit card, but it is recommended in travel books safer to pay by cash. Best to have Euros for Italy you really don't want to use US dollars. You can get some foreign currency at AAA if you are a member.
  • Some of the smaller local shops, mainly in Italy, do not accept credit cards. You will need euros for those. For places that do accept credit cards, I've never had a problem paying that way. Do not expect to be able to pay with US dollars; even if somewhere does accept them, it's at a horrible exchange rate.

    (Also, you might be able to get more relevant answers if you post in a forum for Italy or Malta, such as the Treasures of the Mediterranean forum.)
  • Hi Sjmitch,

    I took a trip to Italy just year, and I had no problem using US credit cards in larger stores and in most stores in larger cities. It's always a good idea to keep a supply of Euros on you. Leigh's information is right on.

    I hope this helps.


    Note: I'm moving this topic to the Treasures of the Mediterranean forum.

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