Dates & Additional cost

What are the dates? How much is the on tour air?


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    edited April 2014
    Hi Jeffrey,

    I'm interested in this trip myself and checked it all out yesterday … sadly I didn't print out the details. I just now checked out the trip's page here on the site, but for some reason the tab for dates & pricing wouldn't open. Sigh. Perhaps the web gremlins are rioting today? I'm sure you will be able to see all the details soon. You might have better luck then me! It certainly sounds like a very interesting trip.



    Edited: If you hit the tab for Print Tour Details, the dates and prices are listed there. Just something to be going on with till the gremlins stop rioting!
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    Hi Jeffrey,

    We were having some site issues the other night, but they should be showing up again now!

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    All is well and running.
    Just booked the trip myself

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