Clothing tips,what else to bring

We went a year ago and I was just reading questions to see if our experience might be of any help. First, DO buy tan, earth tone clothing, some of which can be found that is pre treated with insect repellent. Do NOT wear blue or black, which attract biting insects. Do bring a sun hat, sunglasses(prescription if you have them), your OWN binoculars (self focussing a plus). Do not bother with snacks; there will be plenty of food and you can't leave the snacks in your tent. Do bring a camera. If the Tauck flights are full, be sure you take KLM to Kilimanjaro airport; I think they are the only airline that flies there direct and you do NOT want to fly through Nairobi , because the stop there (it is Kenya)means you have to prove additional vaccinations you don't need if you fly straight in and out of Tanzania. Easiest way to break up the trip is to fly into Amsterdam, spend the night there (two hotels right there on airport property you can walk to from arrivals) and then fly into Africa the next day. Food will be good except for the beef, which is lean, free range and shoe leather tough. Tauck may take care of tips, BUT "this is Africa"--you will be asked for tips by many people who will, for example, grab your luggage and carry it, unasked, to the car. One woman (who wore an airport uniform) demanded a tip for pointing in the direction of the airport lounge. So, while you won't need any Tanzanian money, you may want to carry a few US dollar bills. You may also want to tip the guides--it won't be asked for but won't be refused, either. Your call.
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