Last day in Buenos Aires

My husband and I will be on the trip beginning Feb. 13, 2015, and we need to make our flight reservations. The flight to Dallas will leave BA about 11:30pm. We could skip the farewell dinner and go to the airport, or we could stay all day the next day, then catch the flight. So the questions are: what will we do all day until time to go; where will the luggage stay; will we still meet our transfer at the hotel. We have heard that BA is not a very safe city for tourists, and we know nothing about the city, nor do we speak any Spanish. So we don't want to wander around on our own. We would have to have tours or something set up by the concierge or our travel agent before we leave Dallas. Any thought on these questions???


  • Hi Dixi Chick,

    Just a couple of points that might convince you to stay another night in Buenos Aires. Tauck will transfer you to the airport from the tour hotel … even quite a few days after the official end of the tour … as long as you let them know well in advance. That's more critical for your arrival, of course, but the TD can help with the departure details! So that's one thing you won't have to worry about.

    As for something to do, this is the web site for your Buenos Aires hotel:
    If you wander through it, you will see they have quite a bit of information on things to do and they also provide the contact details for their concierge. Why don't you do some research, then contact the concierge and see how they can help. I'm sure you'll find lots of reasons to day that extra day!


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