Falkland Islands & South Georgia

A question for Tauck.

Some years ago, Tauck offered a variation on the current Antarctic expedition to include the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. I was wondering if there were any plans to offer this again? Or is it a case of off to Compagnie du Ponant directly?

I am aware of two other ships (of the same line) apart from Le Soleal, who will offer this itinerary from 2015. Inexplicably, the other line has downgraded their offerings for solo travellers on their newest ship, the one best suited to this itinerary, to an unacceptable level. (Why do some companies think solo travellers will put up with the worst cabins on the ship?)

Everyone here seems to have thoroughly enjoyed their Tauck Antarctic expeditions and I know some of them were solo travellers.

I do hope the other itinerary will be revived. I certainly won't be paying the other lot's asking price for a cupboard in the bilges under the anchor!




  • A question for the moderator.

    As an addendum to my earlier question, has someone already asked the Planning Department if Tauck has any plans to re-introduce the Falklands Islands/South Georgia variation to the Antarctic repertoire in the future?

    I'd really like to know their answer.



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