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We are taking the Musical Magic tour in June and I am wondering if previous travelers would have suggestions on whether to bring euros or other local currency and the availability of ATMs along the route.


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    Hi David,

    I always start out with some local currency, and for you that will predominately be the Euro. I mostly use my Amex card for anything other than tiny purchases. I assume you are a US citizen? Here on the boards Americans are always advising their compatriots to use ATMs … which are all around in the main cities long your route … to withdraw cash in local currency (euros). This suggestion does not always work for people carrying ATM cards issued in other countries. Australian banks, for example, apply different fees and charges which can make using ATMs for small withdrawals very expensive. As well as some Euros, have some US$ in small notes (bills). They might come in handy.



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    Had no issue finding and using ATM on this trip (I did the regular blue Danube trip). If you have AAA can order some local money to start off with. I did 400 for the 3 countries I will be going to on my upcoming Scandinavia trip.

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