Gifts for School

Does anybody have suggestions for gifts for the school that we will be visiting on the June 29th African Grand Family Safari? We would like to take some gifts or school supplies for the children to the school. Thank you.


  • I'm on the Tanzania and Kenya Classic Safari and it looks as though we visit a school also. I have been thinking about taking some supplies, but I don't think I'll have the luggage space to do it. I was assuming paper and pencils/pens as being an option, but I just don't know. I suppose chalk would work too. I doubt they use the smart boards or dry erase marker boards we use here. It seems to me to be more of a space issue. Maybe someone will have an alternative idea that would work.
  • Check some of the older posts for ideas. Are you planning space in your luggage for souvenirs? Ants devour paper. Basically money, chalk because it can be used on rocks as well as blackboards, games that several children can play, books for young people such as Harry Potter, laminated maps, etc.
  • I get everything but money. Over and over I read that you should NOT give money. You have no idea how it will be used by the powers that be.

    As far as saving space for souvenirs, I do not. If I get anything I have it sent home. I suppose a t-shirt or two might find their way into the luggage, but it will take the space of consumable goods that I use, or throw away.
  • Hi CDH and ndvb,

    During your journeys you will be a visiting a local school and have the opportunity to interact with teachers and students. Education in this part of the world has a variety of challenges. Some students have to walk long distances to school and when they arrive the classes are over crowded with 4 students to a desk sharing 1 text book. All students are required to wear school uniforms that their parents can’t afford. Water is often in short supply or polluted with bacteria. Because these challenges are so diverse, Tauck makes a donation in our guests name every time we visit a school based on the ever changing needs of said school. Tour Directors use the money to buy things like,
    local text books, school uniforms, desks, or water tanks.

    We recognize and respect that our guests often feel compelled to donate personally in some way. Therefore, items such as used children’s clothing and non perishable food items (protein bars) are appreciated. Please note that we discourage gifts of candy and cash as it reinforces begging in children and encourage corruption in adults.

    Additionally, Tauck World of Giving has partnered with, “Save the Rain” in Tanzania. Save the Rain is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization committed to ending the water crisis through Rain Catchment. Our mission is to educate people in water starved areas to harvest, store, clean and use the rain as a sustainable water supply. You can donate directly to Save the Rain through their website and know you're are making a difference.

    Hope this helps,
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