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  • Hi does anyone have any information they want to share about this trip. My wife and I are scheduled to go on August 28th. This is our first tour with Tauck.
  • You are in for a real treat...This is a terrific tour.Here are a few suggestions:
    Drop about five pounds before you go. The food and wine are outstanding and your clothes won't fit by the end of the tour if they are snug to begin with.
    Don't miss Versailles. It is worth the effort. Spend an extra couple of days( or more) in Paris because there is so much to see. If you like chocolate, find a Maison du Chocolate(there are several).
    We have been on several Tauck Tours and the guides are always excellent, but if you get Richard( pronounced REE Shard in Quebecois) he is the best...but be on time and talk hockey with him. You will have a friend for life).
    Layer your clothes because the weather can vary from coastal to Loire Valley. Catch up on your D-day, Pont du Hoc history. It will make that stop even better.
    Go all the way to the top at Mont St. Michel. The view is outstanding. If you need to have laundry done, the Hotel Miramar Crouesty did a nice job for us and you will have time. The hotels are excellent and you will have free time without feeling like you are rushed throughout the trip.
    If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.
  • Great post, John! Thank you.

    My husband and I are on the Aug. 21st trip. We appreciate your specific comments.

    Did you wait to get to the hotel to get tickets to Versailles? Did the hotel concierge help or did you just head over on your own. We arrive mid Sat afternoon and the tour starts on Sunday. I also heard that there are some activities on Sat evening. Did you go over to any of those activities?

    Also, my husband and I are on the younger side of Tauck guests (although this is our third Tauck tour). Any specific suggestions on this trip if we have extra energy?

    Thanks again for the thoughtful post. All the best to you and safe (and fun!) travels.

  • Hi. husband and I are taking Sept 15 trip.Do we need to handle Versailles excursion ahead of time or can we arrange this on arrival? Also, weather reports?

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