Antarctica Dec. 7, 2014

Anyone going on this trip? My husband and I are so looking forward to it and would love to hear from anyone going on this voyage. I must say I am very nervous about the Drake Crossing. My husband thinks it will be a great adventure, while I am so afraid of the rough seas.


  • My wife and I are also on this trip. Interesting that she too is somewhat hesitant about the entire adventure.

    We'll be arriving in BA a day early to be sure there are no travel hassles.
  • Hi,
    I will join you at lunch on Dec. 8 in Ushuaia. I will be coming off a trip to Easter Island via Santiago, Chile. Any time one is in the ocean on a ship, one is at the mercy of nature. Sometimes the Drake Passage crossing is smooth and sometimes it isn't. All we can do is be prepared with the patch or pills. I asked a Tauck tour director on the Israel/Jordan tour which was his favorite place, and he immediately said Antarctica. I am looking forward to the trip. I already got my Muck boots and broke them in during last winter's Polar Vortex here in Pennsylvania. I have already figured out how to pack gear, including the boots, for both Easter Island and Antarctica in a medium sized suitcase and keep the weight down to 35 pounds. Some things will be rolled up inside the boots.
    Steve in Pennsylvania
  • Hi all--

    I am on this trip and hoping that the beauty will overpower any sea sickness. I will be in Iguazu Falls and BA first and will meet up with all of you there. Can't wait!
  • My wife and I are going on this trip, and we too are from Pennsylvania. I have had vertigo since the 1980's, and rough seas actually makes it a little better for me. I haven't crossed the Drake Passage, but I'm really looking forward to it. Last year we sailed to Sydney from the West Coast, and the winds were so strong that we left a day late, so rough seas can happen anywhere. We also are flying out a day early in case there are any travel delays.

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