Problem w/ Tauck

November, 2013, I signed on to Tauck’s May, 2014, Spirt of the Desert Tour, small group of twenty-five people … I needed the small group because of poor hearing and discussed this with the Tauck reservation person. My first morning at start of the tour I learn I am on a tour with 45 people on a large noisy bus. Immediately I contact Tauck. They kept saying there was no such tour and I was wrong… I did find a ride out of the mountains of Moab, UT to Salt Lake City and came home. Tauck eventually refunded about 80% of my tour and refunded no airfare. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOUR RESERVATION IS PLACED. I more than double checked on my reservations. The reservations clerk accidentally clicked on the wrong box is all I can figure out. I lost thousands of dollars and in the seventy hours I was gone from home traveled almost 6700 miles.


  • For comments from past Tauck travellers, go to the General Discussion thread. You will find very valuable suggestions for carefully checking your documentation … all along the reservation process, but always before you travel!
  • So sorry you had a bad experience with Tauck. Just to let you know there is a difference in price for the Small Groups tours. Does sound like you tried to make sure the agent you talked to understood you only wanted to book a Small Group tour? It is not normal for Tauck to make a mistake like that.
  • I'll post this on both threads. We're off on a small group England, Scotland and Wales tour starting on the 10th August. Yes we paid extra for this experience. We've had out travel documents for some time now and because of this persons complaint I decided to re-read the summary of purchase on page 5. It clearly states under Additional info - "You have booked a small group departure averaging 26 guests."

    I can't find in me to have any sympathy for someone who took until they joined the tour to find out it was not what they had ordered. I can only guess that the OP was not fully informed by their TA. I simply can't see how this was Tauck's fault and the OP should be pleased that Tauck refunded monies to them at all.

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