Rhine and Moselle cruise/attire

We are going on this cruise in mid June, I am having trouble figuring out what we should pack for clothing. Is it casual dress, dressy casual? Will it be cold in the evenings? We leave in just 2 weeks!
Thank you


  • It is casual for evening. The 1st night and last people dress nicer sometimes. Women can wear nice slacks, Capri, skirt, or casual dress. With a casual shirt. I usual take one pair of slacks that work with multiple tops. I wear shorts or jeans most of the time, but would not wear them for dinner. Just figure what you would wear at nice restaurant back home, but no need to figure fancy. You are on vacation so be comfortable. I am packing for Scandinavia tomorrow. Leaving Friday. Still not at all sure of what I need to take for the temps.
  • Hello Rhine
    Please post when you return. Considering this trip for next April. Are you coming in early or staying later? This should be a wonderful cruise from all the accounts that I have read on this forum.
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    Of course, you wouldn't wear jeans or shorts to an elegant restaurant at home, would you! And on your river boat, you will be dining on exquisite food in very elegant, European style.

    On the page for your trip here on the Tauck site, under the Before you Go tab, and further under What to Pack they give some really practical suggestions. They suggest that for dinner ladies pack casually elegant evening wear. The operative word is casual. I think Tauck confuses people by using the phrase evening wear which of course everyone knows implies formal wear. What they really mean to say is that in the evenings, it is suggested ladies wear casually elegant clothes, as distinct from casual, going for a long walk or hiking or playing sports clothes. And to pack a little extra bling for the opening and closing dinners.

    If you plan to eat all your meals in the casual dining venue at the back of the boat, and you normally eat your barbecue with your fingers … hey, those shorts might be just the go. Nothing is more annoying than missing some of that finger lickin' tastiness!

    And Rhine, I'd suggest you pack some sort of light wrap. Even a stroll on the top deck might be more pleasant with something over your shoulders. And if the weather produces a breeze here and there, your wrap could do double duty as a scarf during the day. Long and the short … practical, comfortable day wear and casually elegant for dinner. Toss the sneakers for a pair of nice sandals and those pack-light accessories!


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