Do men need a jacket for evening dinners ?

Going on the Provence to Paris Trip in June. Should the men bring a sport coat?


  • You probably don't need a jacket for evening dinners. People do dress up for the opening and closing dinners. Europe is, of course, a more formal dining environment than you might be used to in the US. If you are one of those people who feels more comfortable in a jacket, that will work, too.

    (I know, you are on holiday and you will dress as you ……. well please! I am but a mere voice in the wilderness trying to lift the tone from Disneyland insouciant to European style. It's just my cross to bear.)


  • If this is the Provence to Paris trip where you are staying in the Fairmont Monte Carlo for two nights, yes, I would definitely recommend a sport coat! It's a very fancy place after all. Think of the photo opportunities! :)
  • Oh! Boy! Here we go again. We're staying at the Fairmont for two nights as well and I'm not taking a sports coat or tie. When the photos come out I guess I'll be the uncouth one in the background dressed only in slacks and a nice shirt. Ah! the cross we North Queenslanders have to bear. :)
  • I was just there and a good percentage did not wear a sport coat and guess what, we were still served in the same manners as the others. You are paying for your holiday, do as you wish. On our trip to Malta last year a doctor showed up for the Captains dinner in shorts and sandals to make that point. There is nothing wrong with good slacks and a nice shirt.
  • I've previously voiced my opinion on this topic several times. But I'll do it again! I prefer to wear a jacket at welcome/farewell/captain's dinners, but this is your trip. If you feel comfortable in nice slacks and shirt, that's what you should wear. If others want to be concerned about what you wear, that is their problem, not yours. Enjoy your trip!

  • On our trip to Malta last year a doctor showed up for the Captains dinner in shorts and sandals to make that point.

    Quelle horreur, mon amie. How appalling that your good lady and yourself should have to witness such an abomination. Tsk. There is no accounting for some people. Sadly, you will find bogans in all walks of life, regardless of the price of the cabin. Money can not buy social consciousness, or style, for that matter. Some people have it, no matter that they travelling steerage. Others can not even spell it.

    One must just soldier on. Chin up, old chap.
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