clothing for Oct 13 trip

I have seen the list of recommended clothing. Just wondered if anyone has any specific advice about necessities.


  • You are taking your trip in Spring, which means you could get a bit of everything … and you are covering cool temperate, dessert and tropical regions in your short trip to Australia. You won't encounter any tropics in New Zealand. You are visiting large, cosmopolitan cities … think San Francisco & Boston, rural towns and cities in NZ …think eastern Canada, possibly, the dusty red centre for a day or two … southern Utah, and (hopefully) pre-monsoonal and pre-cyclonic tropics … the deep North! That's quite a lot in your very short trip. The best advice I can give you is to plan your entire wardrobe around layers. Chances are that at that time of year it might be still cold and even windy (think San Francisco in July) in the southern states and the South Island so you will need some kind of jacket. Something that will cut the wind. You don't need North American winter strength! Now that I have been introduce to the magic of buffs, throw in one of those. It will be invaluable if you can remember all the ways to wear it!



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