Questions about attire and selecting a cabin catagory: Paris to Monte-Carlo

We are planning on the Paris to Monte -Carlo trip in summer 2015 and have a couple of questions before we book:

(1) What is the attire aboard the boat for evening meals? On the website the photos show gentlemen all in sports jackets and suits, yet the descriptions say, "casual elegant". Will the men in our small group feel out of place if they don't opt to wear sports jackets?

(2) How do people dress for the welcome and farewell dinners?

(3) We are deciding between category 5, 6, or 7. We see the square footage differences, and which deck they are on. We'd love some "insiders" opinions on whether its worth going up to a 7. My husband is tall (6'4", and generally a big guy) and I want him comfortable, not feeling like he's climbing over things -- any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated.


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    Hi there,

    These are sensible questions … ones that everyone wonders about. The issue of what constitutes appropriate attire has been discussed ad nauseum over a number of threads. If you search just the tiniest bit you will find a variety of answers, many indignantly and loudly (mostly men) proclaiming their rights.

    There is a current view amongst some tourists that acceptable attire for the European fine dining experience extends to shorts, singlets, hiking gear and jeans on the basis that it is their holiday and their money. This mode of dress is also justified on the basis that current cruising trends are moving towards this causal, Walmart style. This, consequently, must lead to the extraordinary sight of seniors thinking they are hip or otherwise so nonchalantly fashionable as to set the European A list alight with good old boy envy. Then there's the sight of them on the dance floor, under the impression they can still twist or get down and boogie. Tragic, on so many labels, but very entertaining to watch.

    Alternatively, you can follow Tauck's suggestion and go for "casually elegant" style, with or without jackets for men (depending on their individual style) and adding a little extra bling for the opening and closing dinners. I think the publicity shots, while using poetic or marketing licence, give a view of the ideal style. Life is rarely ideal. ;)

    As to your question about the roominess of cabins … your trip will most probably be on a Jewel class boat. Given your parameters ;))) could I respectfully suggest considering categories 5 and above for your group? Whoever gets the 7 might end up serving as the common room!


  • Unlike Jan I just got off this trip the first of June. First off all no one wore suits or sport coat for evening dinners. A nice shirt and dress pants will always do. For the welcome and captains dinner some wore sport coats but most wore a nice shirt and pants, its your vacation, you paid for it so wear what you want, everyone is served the same way. As to cabins cat 5, 6 are corner units and are slightly bigger that cabin 4. The only time you are there is to sleep so you decide if it is worth the expense. Cat 7 is a suite and double the price so again you have to decide the worth. It is a good trip but remember it is you paying so enjoy it your way.
  • I'm more inclined to follow Gary for dress code. I wore a sports jacket on our first night, mostly because it was cool. But, then on for special dinners wore nice slacks and a shirt with a collar. Some of the "older" gents wore jackets each night, but the majority did not. However, each wore what for them was comfortable, and I don't think there was much worry about what was appropriate.
    We stayed in Cat 7, and found it to be overkill. Who needs a tub on a river cruise? Next year we are going for the Cat 6 corner cabin to see what it is like. We spend more time in our cabin than most, so the extra space is helpful.
    All the beds are the same size, so your 6'4" guy will be fine. However, the showers in Cat 6 & 7 were a skosh larger than 5.
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    Leslieh wrote:
    We are planning on the Paris to Monte -Carlo trip in summer 2015 and have a couple of questions before we book:

    Well, there you have it. And it took less than an hour, too.

    No need to pay the slightest attention to the part where I told you your guys needed to wear a suit, or a jacket, for this trip. Mmm, now where did I say that? And while you will be spending your money, Leslieh, you need to spend it the way someone else tells you to because it's your vacation and you are paying for it. I hope you are paying attention!

    It boils down to common sense, really. Dress for comfort and practicality during the day and for evening … it's nice to wash off the dust of the day and put on something fresh and dress up the tootsies in something other than practical walking shoes. We ladies seem to be able to cope with matching style and elegance with our surroundings, mostly, whereas those boys … I guess someone has to love them, bless their dear, sweet, tiny little cotton picking' hearts. Glad it's not me! :)))

    Sometimes, a laugh is as good as a holiday, particularly if you are on a different one!


  • I'm booked on the 7-20-15 trip. When are you planning to go?

    I've not been to this part of France before, so I'm looking forward to my first Tauck cruise. I've been on 4 AMA river cruises before, and all have been excellent.

    I haven't noticed much of a dress code in my river cruises and on Tauck land tours, and I like the "casual" approach. I will wear a sports jacket to the first meeting of the group and to the farewell dinner, but otherwise I wear jeans or slacks and a shirt.

  • We've been on 2 Tauck river cruises, French Waterways '12 & Rendezvous on the Seine '14: my husband did not take a jacket for either trip & was not out of place on any of the nights on or off the boat or for our additional Paris & Strasbourg nights. For anyone who plans to go to the casino in Monte Carlo, check the website for the attire suggestions for entrance. Both of our Tauck riverboat journeys have been spectacular in every way as was our Venice, Florence, Rome week in '13. Very few men on any of these wore jackets to dinner. For the New Year's Eve Paris, yes you should wear a jacket or suit or tux. Or if you can snag a reservation at Jules Verne !
  • Thank you all for your help and advice, much appreciated.
    We are booking today for 2015, either the Aug 28 or Sept 6 cruise.
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    My wife and I are booked for the October 3rd, 2014, Paris to Monte Carlo trip, our 3rd Tauck Riverboat trip [Blue Danube, Rhine-Moselle]/ 13th overall Tauck adventure. Our experience has been that most of the men choose to wear a sport jacket/blazer with khaki or pressed jeans to the opening reception, the Captain's reception and to the farewell dinners. However, many chose collared shirts and casual pant. No one wore shorts, or beach-tropical attire. Some of the ladies were more dressier choosing cocktail attire with appropriate accessories. Often, items recently purchased while traveling were worn to the next event.

    We have reserved the class 6 room [corner units on upper deck] for both trips in the past but we will be in a class 4 [or5?]-center deck for this trip. The square footage for the vast majority of the rooms is essentially the same except for the suites [class 7?] which have a separate sitting room. The main issue in room selection is to make certain you have the floor to ceiling windows on the exterior wall in place of a small window [lower deck only]. The space is adequate, but remember, you are on a boat, so there is no extra room. All in all, the rooms are quite comfortable for sleeping. The Lido at the ship's stern, 3rd deck, is also available for lounging and snacks 24-7.

    I think that you will find the entire boat very accommodating and wish you and your family a grand adventure. We have met some wonderful "Taucktourians" [to coin a phrase from P-e-t-e-r T-a-n-n-e-r] as I know you will.

  • I have never done a Tauck cruise, but I have done seven Tauck Tours from the UK, and I think if I were joining a cruise I would follow Jan's views. As a bloke it is always difficult to know how far to dress up. For ladies there is always those detestable little black dresses which I can never understand why our good ladies think they are so attractive when they wear them - very funereal, so much better to have some bright vibrant colours to reflect your bright personalities.
    For me it is all about self respect, keeping up personal standards and what I feel comfortable wearing, suffice it to say that T shirts or jeans never figure outside my own garden. My wife usually says I am over dressed...............but that is me, the way I was brought up
    British and all that!!!
    Richard :-)))
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    Richardb wrote:
    For me it is all about self respect, keeping up personal standards and what I feel comfortable wearing, suffice it to say that T shirts or jeans never figure outside my own garden. My wife usually says I am over dressed...............but that is me, the way I was brought up
    British and all that!!!
    Richard :-)))

    You put that much better, Richard, than all the other times I have tried to convey that very notion. Respect. For the micro-environment, the chef, the staff. And the other diners. I think the concept of European fine dining is alien to many. I know from my own experience that it is almost unknown in North America. But this is a trip to France, of all stylish places. It is nice to at least try and you don't need a suit or a jacket to be stylish. Do go easy on those LBDes, though. They are invaluable even though they are more often than not .. LBPants!

    What's that line from The Troggs song? …"you make my heart sing, you make everything groovy"…


  • Or perhaps even the Kinks - "A dedicated follower of Fashion".

  • You are absolutely correct, Jan. My experience of Tauck provided meals around the world is that they should be savoured and enjoyed, not just shovelled down because you have to.
  • OzJohnno wrote:
    Or perhaps even the Kinks - "A dedicated follower of Fashion".

    For our next number …? ;)) Ah, I know …."Yesterday, all my troubles seemed "...

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