How big is the group?

I was just wondering, how many people are in each tour group?


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    Hi Jenny,

    Depending on whether it is a small group departure or a regular one, you could expect around 24 for the small group and perhaps 40 .. maybe a few more … depending on the size of the bus, I guess, for the regular groups. If you have a particular date in mind, why don't you give Tauck a call and ask them. Of course, the closer to a particular date, the more accurate that number would be!


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    We were on this trip this past spring and we had 34 people.....a few dropped out just before the trip started. Tauck does a great job keeping the group organized and on time, On the bus there is a rotating, assigned seating which I LOVE. People don't jockey for seats which some get very possessive as we experienced on other trip companies. We had the best time yet on all our travels doing this tour. Perfect all around IMO.
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    Thank u!

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