China Westbound Sept. 2nd

We are a group of four and were considering taking the Jewish tour in Shanghi, would anyone on this tour like to join us?


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    I would like to join that tour. Marge
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    I forgot to mention that I am only 1. Marge
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    Hi Marge, thanks for replying . You are welcome to join us. We may need a minimum number of people. I will get back to you soon. Gene
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    I would like to join the tour. I am a solo traveler.

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    Hi Debbie, you are welcome to join us. With you joining, we now have a group of 6. We need to be 8 to do the tour.

    I was told that people from other groups may sign-up. See you soon. Gene
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    Hi Gene. Thanks. A friend of mine did the China trip last September and told me about this tour. She found out about it once she got to China and joined a group. Don't think we'll have a problem getting 2 more. See you soon. Debbie
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    Gene-I just realized that you're on the September 2nd trip. I'm on the September 9th trip. Debbie
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    We are Bev & Ed Drucker from Ft. Myers FL. We are going on the Sept 2nd trip and would like to join the tour in Shanghai
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    Any info on the Jewish tour?

    Bev & Ed
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    Bev and Ed, the tour is run by Dvir. The info can be found at shanghijews.com. We will be taking the tour on Sept. 6th in the PM. You are welcome to join the group. Dvir told me that there was another couple as well.

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