Scaninavia Aug. 17

I will be traveling on the Scandinavia Tour, beginning Aug. 17. Does anyone know the answer to the following:
1. Will I need a credit card with a "chip and pin?" I have a visa Capital one card and they do not have the technology
for the "chip and pin."
2. What type of adaptor plug and voltage converter will I need for my ipad and iphone5s?
thanks, Meryl


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    I was in this area with Tauck in May. I was able to use my credit card without a chip and pin. As I gave it to the clerk, I said that I had to sign. It was not a problem.

    Your electronics should be able to handle either 110/220 voltage so you will not need a converter. I do not remember exactly which adapter I needed. I have a set that I purchased at the AAA store. There were four different ones for all parts of the world. The cost, a few years ago,was less than $10. They were labeled for where it was used.
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    I recently returned from this area. My traveling companion did not have a card with a chip. She was fine everywhere except two places, and I think both of those were in Oslo (a restaurant and 7-Eleven). So you might want to have some cash on hand just in case.

    I had a credit card that was chip & signature, but not chip & pin. I never had any problem, and everyone readily recognized that I just had to sign instead of entering a pin.

    The adapter is a "northern Europe" adapter, or just a general European adapter should work. It's two round prongs. I think the only difference in the northern vs. southern Europe adapters are the thickness of the prongs (a lot of companies just sell one that works in both northern and southern Europe). If you google "europe adapter plug" you'll see some examples.
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    I only had problems with signature in one resturant in Copenhagen. The waiter did not know how to force the handheld machine to do signature. I did not have any issue at any other time I used my Cap 1 credit card.

    You only nd the standard 2 prong adapter for Europe. I got a great one tha Bed Bath and Beyond. It can do more than one at a time and one using a usb port (does not work for IPAD)

    I just got back end of June and the only thing I did not like was the wasted lunch in Oslo. I highly recommend skipping it to start seeing the city. The lunch is not worth it and time is very limitted in Oslo. City Hall is not far from the resturant I believe and you can see the inside. I only had time for one museum (the resistance museum, it was very interesting). I had did not have time for the inside of City Hall or to see the scream. You have time to walk the Opera House and that was fun to do. They had the inside open to use bathrooms.

    I went for supper after near were the awful lunch was and had view of water and a very good $30 hamburger. Was cheap considering other meals I had. Was a great night and we sat outside under the heaters.

    Hope you have great weather the way my trip had in June.

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