Shrink wrapping luggage in Johannesburg?

I've read recommendations for shrink wrapping your checked luggage if its going through Johannesburg Airport?
Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions about this?


  • Hi tireddoc....Yes, I had Delta shrink wrap my duffle in Jo-berg. We had just completed 3 weeks in the bush and my duffle did not fare well. The entire wheel assembly was coming off and leaving two fairly substantial holes in the bag. My duct tape had worked for a time but even it was fighting a loosing battle. I was afraid the bag would not make it back so I had it shrink wrapped for $7 by Delta. It worked fine. This was not a Tauck tour. I was less than impressed with the "Made in China" duffle I was provided by the other tour company.

    We spoke to some other folks on our tour who were concerned about thieves getting into their bags. Apparently, Jo-berg has somewhat of a reputation. We did not have any problems in that regard....Leo M
  • What kind of luggage should we take (I know the weight restrictions)? Duffle Bag, Rolling Duffle Bag, our regular Wheeled Luggage?
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