On the flights within China, can one take a computer case, plus a roll-on? Can women take a handbag, plus a roll-on? We're on the westbound China trip in mid-September.


  • Hi Percival,

    Tentatively (depending on the exact size and weight of your luggage) that sounds possible. Here's some information from the documents we give out about luggage on this trip:
    Due to strictly enforced weight restrictions in China, luggage weight per person must not
    exceed 44 pounds and guests are permitted only one piece of checked luggage. Luggage
    exceeding the allowable weight is subject to excess baggage charges which can result
    in a considerable additional expense.
    Regulations within most airports require that customers handle their own luggage through
    customs. On these occasions, luggage carts will be available. Further regulations in China
    require that all checked baggage be locked, including outside packets and separate compartments.
    Sturdy hard-sided luggage is recommended.
    The Chinese government has strict regulations regarding hand-carry luggage as well. The
    maximum weight is 10 pounds, and the MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS are 22" x15" x8"
    (including all wheels, handles, etc.) If these dimensions are exceeded, the carry-on may be
    checked at the gate.
    On intra tour flights, the following additional items are allowed:
    - One small size handbag / purse
    - One coat or blanket
    - One umbrella or one walking stick
    - One pair of crutches
    - One small camera \ binoculars

    Based on that description, what you're proposing sounds fine. Just make sure to bear in mind the weight limits!

  • My wife and I made the same trip last fall and tried to observe the rules exactly. Others on the tour did not seemed to be as concerned and no one seemed to have any problems with carry-ons as long as they were of a reasonable size and met IACA guidelines. I had a carry-on weighing approximately 11 pounds and my wife had the same. We actually bought lighter carry-ons so we could pack more. My wife had a LARGE purse and I totally disregarded the "small camera" guideline. In addition to my carry-on, I carried a large camera and several lenses, tons of media, chargers, etc. They were housed in a medium sized camera bag that I thought I could argue was no bigger than my wife's purse. I had no problems flying within China except for the compressed air canister that was in my camera bag. After about 5 minutes, a supervisor and a demonstration of how it was used, even the canister was allowed. If it will fit in the overhead bin of a 737-type aircraft, it is unlikely you will have a problem.
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