We are shopping for a new camera for the safari. In the past, we have enjoyed the Canon point and shoot. Any recommendations?


  • I went this past May and have a Nikon D3000 SLR Digital Camera with 18-55mm VR lens and a 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX lens. If I would change anything I would have preferred a longer lens than the 55-200mm. A good camera shop should be able to help guide you. I looked at the local stores, but bought on line from a reputable store in NYC.
  • One of the best for excellent prices and advice is B&H in New York. We're going next May and for a long lens they recommend 100-400mm.
  • That was the store I was thinking about. I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to name them. I have always been very satisfied with purchases from them.
  • While a 400 would be a great lens for taking photographs on safari, you're talking about quite a hefty cost. You'd be looking at somewhere around $500 for the body and another $1,200+ for the lens. You didn't mention what kind of budget you were thinking about. I've read several trip reports on Fodors where people have linked their photos that have shot some great ones with a lot less. You might want to consider a bridge camera - which is something between a P&S and a full DSLR. Another possibility is to investigate renting your camera gear if you can find a camera store that does so. Good luck!
  • If you like your Canon, you should really consider a Canon SX30IS. Lens will zoom out to 850mm in one fell swoop without the expensive lenses, and time consuming lens changes. The SX30IS is relatively small, and compact and easy to handle. Price is under $400 in most locations.

    I had the "older" SX20IS with a zoom to 400mm and had many excellent shots of wildlife. Most of the time, you will be very close to wildlife while in the landrover, but when you want it, these Canon products did an excellent job; especially if you are use to point and shoot.
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