China Hong Kong to beijing October sending out clothes to be laundered

Has anyone used the hotel laundry services throughout this trip. I'm trying to pack light -7 days of daytime clothes and 7of evening. I plan to use the hotel laundry services and the laundry on the ship.
Typically how do the men dress for dinner...super casual like daytime or more collared shirt with nice black jeans..
How dressy do the women get...
Money - bring travelers checks or use ATM. Do they take Amex everywhere
Cell phone -I have att.
We will have 3full days in Hong Kong before tours tarts any suggestions?


  • I did use laundry service on both the ship and in at least one hotel. Service was typical of most high end hotels with the exception of one where you could pay for 2 hour service. Of course, same day and overnight service was also available at a lower cost. Saw no one with jeans at night but but anything seems to go during the day and at night, business casual for men. I did see several men with sport coats and women in nice dresses on the farewell night. I never travel with traveler's check. I used AMEX on large purchases (everyone takes it) and currency for smaller purchases. We went in October and were glad that we had brought light jackets, cheap throw away rain jackets (2 @ $1.00 each), and a cheap light weight umbrellas (1 each). We wore shorts during the day in Hong Kong and a jacket when walking the Great Wall outside Beijing. I also used an ATT phone and had no problems with it. Just get directions on how to use it for intra-China and international calls.
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