Tickets for Versailles on pre-tour arrival day

To Ginny about Versailles tickets, etc.

Merci beaucoup, Ginny for your helpful information. I phoned Tauck and they could not provide a good answer about going to Versailles for 2 days. So, I just got on the Chateau Versailles website and purchased two 2-day Passport tickets as well as the tickets for the guided tour of the royal apartments at 10:00 a.m on the day that the tour actually begins. On our early arrival day, I guess we can walk around the grounds and gardens and maybe see . I emailed the tour people at the chateau, and they assured me that the guided tour would let us skip the lines and told me which door for us to enter, just like you did. We may have spent 50 extra euros for the passport tickets, but at least we know we have them. And as much as this trip costs, what's a few euros more??
Our flight arrives from Dallas about 9:30a.m. on our pre-tour day, assuming it leaves Dallas on time, which it seldom does. We probably won't get to the hotel in time to take advantage of the Tauck early arrival reception area, but it is certainly a good idea. If you know about it, that is. Our other trips with Tauck have been in the U.S. and Canada, so a really early arrival has never been a problem. How in the world would you be expected to know about the special Tauck area if they don't tell you and the hotel staff doesn't know??? OOOPS!
On the evening of your pre-tour day, where did you have dinner? We were thinking about going into the village and eating at a bistro or some casual place there. I can ask the concierge when we arrive. I do speak a little French, but certainly not fluently, and my accent is awful since I am from Texas.
At the end of the tour when you were in Paris, what did you do on the free afternoons after the morning tour and Musee D'Orsay? I called Tauck about the optional walking tour on the afternoon of the first day in Paris. It doesn't seem like it covers very much, so we'll probably skip it and stay around Notre Dame and St. Chappelle for a while. Also, any suggestions for dining around the hotel on the nights Tauck don't include dinner. We are staying an extra day in Paris, so any suggestions about what to do with free time would be appreciated. Not that there is any lack of things to see and do---just not enough time to do it all.
We are so looking forward to this trip, and we love traveling with Tauck. I am glad that you enjoyed the France trip, and I wish you happy travels in the future.

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