converter for charging camera battery

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a converter ( and adaptor) to charge camera battery while traveling in China and HongKong. I have the adaptor/converter for iMac/iphone/ iPad but realized that I needed something else for the cameras. Thank you.


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    Most digital cameras produced in the past 5 years come with dual voltage chargers meaning that you can, with the proper plug adapter, use them in countries where the current is 220v-240v or in those with 110v-120v. Check your charger for voltage and if it says 120v/240v just be sure that the outlet you use provides a voltage between 120v and 240v. The same is true should the charger say 100v/240v. As for the adapters, you will need 3. Type G, D, and I. You may also find, especially in Hong Kong and Shanghai that the upscale hotels used by Tauck may also have a limited number of outlets that provide 110v or 120v just like in the USA. Watch for outlets that say 120v "shavers only" and do not plug your battery charger into one of them. Check out the link below.

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    thank you

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