storage space on Le Ponant

What is the storage space (closet/drawers) like on Le Ponant? Is there space under the beds for the large suitcases?


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    No, they remove your large suitcases for storage elsewhere on the boat. Our bed was low to the floor and had room underneath for flat cases. The closets and night tables had sufficient room for what we packed but you need to be organized to make it all work. We were in one of the four cabins on the upper deck.
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    We just came back from this trip - which we thoroughly enjoyed. We were on the main cabin deck. Our 25" suitcases would just fit under the ends of the beds. (One note here, if you are used to sleeping in a king-size bed, you will probably be more comfortable having the room configured with 2 beds.) If you choose to have your luggage stored, the suitcases must be empty. As for storage space, there are 2 closet doors. Behind one is the hanging space. Behind the other door are 2 medium-size drawers topped with a thinner 3rd drawer containing the hairdryer. Atop this is the safe. Above the safe are 3 shelves. The top shelf cannot be used as this is storage space for the life vests. Next to the closet is mini-bar. On top of the cabinet holding the refrigerator are a coffee maker, a water kettle, an ice bucket, cups, etc. Above this is a cabinet containing 2 deep shelves. The bed-side tables have 2 small drawers - big enough for an e-reader, but not an iPad. There are 2 hooks on the wall outside the bathroom where the bathrobes were hanging when we arrived (slippers were in the closet). There is not much surface area to put things. We took a couple of small, magnetic clips and used these to post the map of the ship and the daily schedule to the wall. I hope I remembered all of this correctly!

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