A Week in Spain

I am thinking of going on the Tauck's "Week in Spain" trip. Has anyone taken this tour? I have questions about the flight they use from Barcelona to Granada. Anyone know what airline they use or how large the plane is? Also, any helpful comments about the trip in general would be appreciated!
Thanks, Cheri


  • I took this trip a few years ago. It is awesome!If I remember the flight was a regular big plane. If you phone Tauck I am sure they will tell your exactly.
  • Hi Cheri,

    The on-tour flight is operated by Vueling Airlines. The Vueling fleet is composed exclusively of Airbus A-320s, which have a capacity of 180 passengers. The Airbus A320 incorporates the latest in technological progress, making it a safe, comfortable plane that is more respectful of the environment.

    (Also, please bear in mind that the reservation includes up to 50 lbs of weight per 1 checked luggage item per person, and 1 hand luggage item per person up to 22 lbs, without any additional charge. If you're traveling with baggage in excess of these limitations, the airline will impose additional fees, to be paid when you check in for your flights at the Vueling desk.)

    I hope this helps!


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