Elegant Adventure Oct 2015

Hello All,

I am considering the South Africa Elegant Adventure trip in October. I've read that May-Sept is the ideal time to visit S Africa but my schedule will not allow. Would an Oct departure be an equally rewarding trip? Also, I will be traveling alone and am a bit concerned about having good company on the trip. Any advice from past travelers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • Spicey1: I did this trip as a solo in late September two years ago. Our weather was excellent and I don't think traveling a few weeks later would make a huge difference. I had no problems traveling alone - everyone else was inclusive and I had as much company/comraderie as I wanted but people also respected my "alone" time. (I have found that to be the case on every Tauck trip.) I met some wonderful people and had a great time. Cape Town and Johannesburg were wonderful (I arrived early in Cape Town and did a tour of the wine country) and the trips to the game parks were unforgettable. The hotels/lodges were excellent and no one went hungry. Don't this this opportunity of a lifetime!
  • My husband and I will also be doing the October Elegant Adventure. We will be arriving in Cape Town a day early and hope to get a wine tasting tour in before the adventure starts. Anyone interested? Looking forward to meeting all our fellow travelers.
  • Probably a bit late to the party on the replies here Spicey1. I just got back from this trip. Can't speak for the weather in October. Our weather in early August was great- sunny every day- very cool/cold mornings, especially in the parks, warm/hot days, cool evenings. However, there were two solo travelers in our group. They seemed to have a great time. One of the individuals had more experience traveling alone than the other. More than an effort to be inclusive, I think the other members of the tour, my brother and I included, genuinely liked these individuals and enjoyed spending time with them and wanted them to eat with us and participate in activities.
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