Madrid to Barcelona at end of Spain and Portugal tour

My husband and I are going on the May 27th Spain & Portugal tour. We would like to hear from others who are going on this specific tour. Also, we would like to hear from anyone who added on a day or a few days at the end of the tour to go to Barcelona. We would like to know the arrangements you made to get there, your hotel recommendation if you spent the night, how you got around while there, what sites you chose to see, etc. Thanks!


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    We are also going on the May 27th trip to Portugal and Spain but are not staying afterward. Our son and daughter in law were in Barcelona in September of 2014 and traveled by express train from Madrid. They booked a first class cabin ahead of arrival. I can ask them more details if you like. They are currently in Costa Rica so it will take another 10 days. We are going to Lisbon and staying at the Four Seanson's two nights in advance. We haven't decided what to do with out time in Portugal yet. We live in Tempe, Arizona. Looking forward to meeting you. Jeff and Anne
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    Hi, Jeff and Anne,
    We are looking forward to the Spain and Portugal trip and meeting you. We are from the Piedmont region of NC, near Winston-Salem and Greensboro. We are arriving two days early, so perhaps we will get to meet you before the tour starts. We also have not decided exactly what we want to do on those extra days. Any suggestions?
    We would appreciate any information your daughter and son-in-law would share with us about getting from Madrid to Barcelona and returning to Madrid. This would probably just be a very long day trip, but I would like to experience Barcelona if only for a short while.
    Pleas feel free to email us at huntruby@yahoo.com. We look forward to hearing from you. Edd and Ruby
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    We will be extending to Barcelona from Madrid in September 2016. What all did you decide to do? Where did you stay? Eat? Thanks for any insights.

    Tommye, St. Louis
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    My wife and I will be leaving on the September 11th departure to Portugal and Spain. We will be extending on to Barcelona from Madrid at the conclusion. Plan to stay four days in Barcelona. Will probably take the train there. Looking for hotel and restaurant tips for Barcelona.
    David, Naples, FL
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    My husband and I are going on the May 18th departure. We are extending our trip to Barcelona for 3 days. We are planning on taking the train as well. Would like to hear from others who are doing this. Any suggestions on where to stay and what to see would be great.
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    My husband and I are on the Sept. 21 departure and will also be extending for 3 days in Barcelona at the end. Anyone have any recommendations on taking the train versus flying from Madrid to Barcelona. Also any hotel recommendations in Barcelona would be appreciated.
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    My wife and I will be going on the Portugal/Spain trip Sept. 14th. Are there any fellow travelers from the west coast (Oregon) going. We are doing several pre and post days as well. This will be our first trip with Tauck and we are really looking forward to the adventure.
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    Would love to hear back from those who extended to Barcelona? Besides the Gaudi cathedral, what were your other "don't miss" suggestions? Restaurants?

    Tommye Fleming, St. Louis, MO and Bonita Springs, FL
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    We are planning an extension to Barcelona after the Oct 10 tour. How was your extension? We need to connect to a Noon flight home from Madrid. What is the connection time?

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