What to do in Bellagio?

I'll be arriving a day early for the May 11, 2015 tour (arriving on Sunday afternoon). I anticipate that I'll want to rest that afternoon. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do the next day? Is it worth going back to Milan? If so, how should I get there?


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    I will be arriving a day early too for the same tour. I have been on this tour 8 years ago and I'm very excited to do it again. Bellagio is gorgeous!! You will be impressed! I haven't yet researched what to do arriving a day ahead of time, but when I do, I will share my ideas. Where are you traveling from? I'm coming from upstate NY.
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    I'm traveling from Boston but will be arriving in Milan on an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin. My sister, who lives in Michigan, will be joining us on the tour. I'm looking forward to meeting you.
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    I have traveled to Bellagio in June 2012 and stayed at Villa Serbelloni (independent of Tauck) and stayed there
    5 days. It really is exquisite and thought I would share a few places visited to help you with your stay.


    Cava turacciolo - winery and wine bar. This is a tiny restaurant. Check out their website and if interested, be sure to get a reservation asap. The owner is very entertaining and it was a great experience of food and wine.

    La Punta - Panoramic terrace with lake views.

    Bilarus - a favorite of locals.

    Salice Blu - About 1 mile outside the town of Bellagio via taxi. Took a private cooking class with the chef/owner, Luigi.

    Al Cantinone (MILAN) - Via Agnello.
    Traditional Milanese cuisine.

    To do.....

    Villa Carlotta - Tremezzo has musical concerts (sadly we missed this).

    Villa Balbianello - Beautiful villa featured in Casino Royale and Star Wars Attack of Clones. You can take this trip
    Through Bellagio Water Taxi. They have several trips a day... book early am

    Hope this helps in your planning. The town is beautiful and I'm sure whatever you choose will be wonderful.
    Happy travels.


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    Hi Suzanne. Thank you for the restaurant recommendations. I will definitely try one of them. Part of our Tauck itinerary is visiting the Villa Balbianello. I am looking forward to seeing it. When I went 8 years ago the itinerary was a little different then it is now. The Villa Carlotta was on the tour instead of the Villa Balbianello. Carlotta was beautiful but Im happy to see a different villa this time.

    To MCD...I'm looking forward to meeting you in May. It will be an exciting adventure with many wonderful memories to be made. You may reach me at gvacca.salada@gmail.com if you want to talk more. :-)
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    Thank you, Suzanne and Gayle. I'll be in touch, Gayle.

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