More Sharing Observations—the "Truth" about Luggage

You will read in other posts experiences with luggage on the Buenos Aires/Ushuaia portion of the trip. The reports seem contradictory, but actually are all correct. By that I mean this is South America, so things can change.

Here is what we experienced, and it seems to match others, so for the moment, subject to change, this could be what you might expect.

1. Even if allowed on US airlines, help yourself by keeping your primary checked piece of luggage at around 44 lbs. One of the advantages of traveling with Tauck is that your luggage is handled very efficiently for you. Since I did not observe the process I cannot say for certain, but it seems that the Tauck batch of luggage that is checked en masse may not be scrutinized as thoroughly. Just sayin'. But don't abuse it. 46 lbs. is not 51 lbs.

2. GOING to Ushuaia is different than returning. On the going your carry-on must weigh 15 lbs. or less, but if you can carry it, you are not checked. Plus, your pockets, your coat pockets, etc. can be stuffed with unpacked items and no one looks twice at the weight of these (as long as you get through the security check, of course). Everything still has to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

3. RETURNING from Ushuaia is a different matter. Go figure. Still the same carry-on weight limitations, but now during check-in everything is looked at and weighed, even women's purses. Every item gets an "OK" tag if it is under the weight limit. If it's not OK they will offer to check it, no problem. I had one carry-on that weighed 16.5 pounds, but the airline person was more concerned about the overall size and took it to be measured in one of those "your bag must fit in this bin" kiosks. It did so she let me take it onboard.

All of this is explained very clearly by your Tauck directors, so listen and ask if you have questions. One Tauck bonus is that you can leave unchecked baggage, gifts, etc. at the hotel when you leave for Ushuaia. You get a claim check which you give to your Tauck director who will see that the bag is claimed and waiting for you upon your return to the Buenos Aires airport. Just do as you are instructed, trust the director and it should all be fine.
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