Shanghai Jewish Tour - May 7th

We plan to take the tour of Jewish Shanghai ( ) with Dvir Bar-Gal on May 19 (Day 13) in place of the Shanghai Urban Center visit offered by Tauck. So far no one has booked for that day and there is an 8 person minimum for the tour to take place. Cost is about $65 PP Anyone else interested in joining us??


  • Hello. I'm so glad you posted this. There are four of us traveling together, but I believe only two may be interested in joining your group. Do you know approximately how long the tour is and whether we'll be able to join the rest of the group in time for the afternoon program? Thank you.
  • I'm the other person mentioned in the post by ASHeltsley but it looks like my husband is interested too. So that makes 3 out of the 4. In looking at our itinerary for May 19 it looks like the afternoon is free. Is this Jewish Shanghai tour scheduled for the morning or the afternoon? Thanks for getting this together!
  • My wife and I are on the eastbound trip starting May 7. If that is the right trip we would like to take the tour of Jewish Shanghai. Please let me know if we are on the same trip.
  • Yes, this is the East trip departing on May 7. There are no Tauck afternoon plans for May 19th. The tour is usually in the morning, but I can ask if they can do it in the afternoon, assuming we have enough people. I would like to get a confirmation as to the number of people who have already indicated their desire to take the tour. I have 2 for Marvin, 3 for Linda and 2 for me, which is 7. As we only need one more, I assume will we make the 8 minimum. I will contact Dvir Bar-Gal about making arrangements and see if the afternoon is an option. Thank you for your interest.
  • Currently the tour can combine us with a group of students in the morning. They will do a separate afternoon tour if we have 10 people. Currently, we have 7, so we need 3 more for an afternoon tour.
  • Good morning. My husband has decided to join us, so there will be four of us in Linda's group instead of three. Thank you again so much.
  • OK. We are now 8 and need 2 more, as Dvir suggests we focus on afternoon. Morning tour already has 14.
  • Thanks for asking about an afternoon tour! Looking forward to meeting all of you.
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    Count us in Ness. We are on the May 7th Eastbound as well. My husband and I definitely want to do the Jewish Shanghai tour. If my math is correct that makes 10. I guess that means we can do our own tour and not combine with the students. Thank you so much for doing this. We look forward to meeting everyone.

  • Hello, Ness. My husband and I will be on another trip for the next couple of weeks. In case I don't check the forum, I'll ask Linda to please keep me advised of any other details. Again, we look forward to meeting everyone. Thank you again.
  • This is email from Dvir, the tour operator:

    Hi Bob,
    Thank you noted 10 people.

    Please note, it is a join in tour and I do not limit it, I assume if will be other bookings they may join in the AM
    but should others ask the afternoon I will add as well. Usually my groups are 120-18 people and it works smooth all the time.
    I try avoid taking more than 25 people but it happens few times a year that I do have such groups.

    Payment in cash please that day, local or USD. $65 USD

    I assume you will be in XinTiandi area for lunch. If your group goes to the hotel around 1:30PM you can ask them to drop you
    at the Peace hotel by 2PM or walk the 5-7min from yours to our meeting point.
    At time coordinating with the Tauck director I can book vans to pick the people up but for that I need to call the van/s
    some 90min before I really need it and it will cost 50 Yuan pp (450 in total pp for the tour and pick up). $72 USD

    Also please note, some of the Tauck tour directors easy to cooperate and some have expectations... I do not know whom will
    be yours. Therefore I will suggest you to keep in touch with me directly as you did so far, either by email me or ask your
    tour guides or the director to use their mobile phone to call me. If calling please after 6PM.

    With Kind Regards,

    Dvir Bar-Gal
  • Thanks Ness. Looking forward to Jewish Shanghai and to this entire trip.
  • My wife and I have arranged a tour of Jewish Shanghai for May 18 from 2:00-6:00 PM with Dvir Bar-Gal. This is free time on our tour during our stay in Shanghai. We were a group of 10 but have recently lost 2 people due to illness. If there is anyone else on the May 7 Eastbound China Tour that has not signed up for the May 19 tour, please let me know. Thanks, Phil
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