Israel/Jordan April 21, 2015-Dress Code

We are going on this tour and we had questions about the dress codes... My husband will like to wear cargo shorts in TelAviv and at the the non religious sights and intends to wear long Adidas nylon pants at the more religious sights. In the evening he intends to wear long jeans with polo/golf shirts... Is that ok? Does he really need to wear long khaki pants instead of nice jeans (not ripped or torn).

As for me I was planning on wearing cargo capris and khaki skirts during the day and summer dresses with a sweater or dressier capris with blouses at night.

We are planning on using the valet laundry services so that we can have our clothes cleaned and we can reuse them while on the trip... No need to bring 15 seperate outfits...

Please advise.
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