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  • Am I correct that their are no postings to this forum. Looking for info from people who have travelled on this River Cruise.
  • Greetings, we are booked on June 14 trip from Budapest to Bucharest. Anyone else going?
  • I'm on the following week trip in the opposite direction. I wish I could find others on this trip.

  • Emily,

    I am on this trip in June. It appears that the boat has a spa but no beauty parlor (although it looks like the new ships for next year do have hair salons). Are there places along the route where I could get my hair done? I'd appreciate it if you could find this out for me.


  • To Emp,

    We were on the Bucharest to Budapest sailing last August. Which way are you going? If you want any info, just post here and I will try to answer your questions or Tauck Emily will!!

    To Sue,

    You can have your hair done in Budapest or Bucharest when you have time off from sightseeing. There is no little village or town between Budapest and Bucharest to do this. The riverboats are too small to have a beauty parlor and there is no Spa board only an exercise room.

  • To Emp,

    If you hit on Budapest to Black Sea, there are postings from last year to read.

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