London/Paris May 17, 2015

Hi all, We are extendign our trip in Paris and wondered if anyone had ideas on what to see that wasn't covered on the trip?


  • We, too, extended our stay. Would suggest that you purchase tickets to go to the top of the Eiffle Tower on line before you leave. Buying tickets in Paris from an agency can be very expensive. Be sure to see Napolean's Tomb and walk to the top of the Arch de Triumph. The Grand Opera House is across the street from your hotel and is worth the time for a tour. City buses are a easy and inexpensive way to get around. Look for a corner bus stop. Ask which bus to get you to a specific attraction and sit back and enjoy the ride. They have their own lanes so it is usually faster than a cab. Wine, Bread, and Cheese on the bank of the Seine is a wonderful way to see the sunset. The areas around the hotel are safe for a walk even in the evening. Most of all have a wonderful time!
  • Hey Barb811,

    I would highly suggest going to Musée d'Orsay. I took this tour back in 2010 and have regretted not going there during my tour extension in Paris. I was lucky enough to go back to Paris after taking Tauck's Classical Italy tour and go to the Musée d'Orsay.

    If you want something outside Paris, I would suggest Paris City Vision Tour of the Loire Valley Castles:
    But just to let you know, you have to met up at the agency early morning and you get back to Paris late-ish... Like 8 or 9 PM.

    Enjoy the trip!
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