Electrical power conversion & adapters

Hi Everyone,
I know that plug adapters and power converters are needed in Jordan and Israel. The question is: does a laptop need both?

Also how many sets of converters are recommended for a couple? I'm thinking one for the laptop and maybe another to charge cell phones?




  • Most modern gadgets are rated as dual voltage. Your devices (laptops, phones, tablets, cameras, etc.) will operate on both 110/125v and 220/250v currents. Check the "small" print on your charging unit. You will only need adapter plugs.
  • Jo Re: As Rabo said, the modern electronics are mostly dual voltage and you will find whether it is or not on a tag on the electrical cord or on the printed plate of your charger. This is a great improvement from the past when you needed to lug along a transformer/converter. When I went to Africa, I went to my local luggage/travel store as my niece and I were traveling and we each had tablet and phone, etc. I bought a 'travel power surge strip.' The knowledgeable staff especially recommended as it protected electronics from surge, and what was better yet, it that it has 3 regular plugs for our AC devices and 2 usb charging slots. The brand name is voltage valet (www.voltagevalet.com) travel power surge strip, model ps4. I only needed to invest in one set of plug adapters to plug the strip in and then I was set to be able to charge up to 5 things. It worked great and all of our electronics came back in good working order! I will be taking it whenever I go out of the country from now on as I will only need the one adapter plug and the strip.
  • I picked up and adaptor plug at bed bath and beyond that will do 3 charges at a time.
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