Can someone please give me some tips on what to pack for the Grand Alaska tour? I was thinking to dress in layers. Would jeans and leggings be ok during the day?


  • Hi ANC,

    The weather in Alaska is unpredictable. You will be visiting the warmer, dryer area of the interior and the cooler, wetter rainforest of the southeast coast. We suggest you pack clothing that can be layered for various weather conditions. Slacks, a sweater or fleece, a lightweight jacket and a rain coat are versatile clothes for touring, and comfortable "walking shoes" are a must!

    We suggest that you dress for a cruise on the Princess ship the same way you would for any stylish land-based resort. Casual sportswear, including shorts, lightweight pants and jogging suits, is the order of the day. We recommend you bring a sweater, a jacket or an all-weather coat for cool evenings, and for shore excursions. Due to unpredictable weather, don't forget a hat or visor and a collapsible umbrella. You'll also want low-heeled, rubber-soled shoes for strolling on deck, as well as comfortable walking shoes or sandals to wear while on shore excursions.

    There are two designations of evening wear aboard Princess: Smart Casual and Formal.
    Smart Casual Evenings:
    Passengers dress as they would for a fine restaurant at home
    Skirts/dresses, slacks, and sweaters for ladies
    Pants and open-neck shirts for men
    Formal Evenings: (two)
    Evening gowns and cocktail dresses for ladies
    Tie and jacket, or suits for men
    In the dining room, items such as cutoff tee-shirts, shorts, halter tops, and jeans are not permitted and shoes must be worn at all times. Princess cruises require passengers to use cover-ups over bathing suits when entering the ship's public rooms.

    I hope this helps!

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