Crowds in Europe for Summer 2015

Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today (5/29/15). Europe is expecting record crowds this summer thanks to the strong dollar and the increase in tourists from China. It gave a number of horror stories about crowds (Versailles telling people not to come on one day recently). Milan is expected to get 20 million people for the Expo! Here's a few of my thoughts as a somewhat experienced traveler. Please add any of your own.

1. Go off season if you can. The worst crowds are when school is out. Southern Europe is nicer in the Spring and Fall anyway.

2. Go to popular sights (the ones not on your tour) during off hours (this was mentioned in the article - go early or during extended evening hours).

3. When possible book sights with limited admissions ahead to insure a spot an hopefully skip the ticket lines (or check with the concierge at your hotel).

4. Take time to decompress. When the crowds get you down, stop for a beer, a glass of wine or an ice cream.

5. Be especially nice to those you are traveling with (especially when recovering from jet lag).

6. Be thankful for those times when being on the Tauck tour lets you skip the lines or go someplace the public doesn't.

7. Be understanding when things go a little wrong. Tauck tour directors are the best! They will do their best to make things go smoothly, but sometimes things happen beyond their control.

8. Be especially on guard in crowded places. You may have read the recent stories about pickpockets. Arrange with your spouse or travel partner to watch your back if you are distracted for any reason (also a good idea when using ATMs).
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