Taking the Scandinavian trip (Sweden, Denmark, and Norway) and concerned
about all 3 countries having a separate currency. How did past travelers handle
the money issue?


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    You mostly use credit card. I took this trip last year and got 100 for each Sweden and Denmark and 200 for Norway. I never got more from ATM. Used that for all small purchases. This is a great trip. Only negative was using time in Oslo for long lunch. Lunch was not good and took too much of the limited time there. Lunch is not far from city hall. If I could do it again would have left tour to go see the inside. I did resistance museum then walked to the opera house. Was a beautiful night and walked back to one of restaurants along water to eat outside.

    I got start money from AAA.
  • Thank you for the quick reply. We will take your advice about lunch in Oslo also.
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