Tauck Travel Forum Rules and Guidelines

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The Tauck Travel Forums Rules and Guidelines
Revised as of July 2015

These guidelines are designed to ensure the Tauck Travel Forums provide an enjoyable, interesting, and safe experience for all our guests. Since these guidelines may be updated without notification, we suggest that you check back regularly.

Please remember:
  • You are responsible for your interactions with other users. However, we reserve the right to monitor posts on the Travel Forums, and moderate as we feel necessary.
  • These guidelines apply to all content you contribute to the Tauck Travel Forums.
  • Member-posted content on the Tauck Travel Forums reflects the opinions and experience of those individuals, not of Tauck, Inc.

Travel Forums Guidelines:

Please DO:
  • Be constructive when you post. Please post with a purpose, and a positive attitude! Keep posts relevant, and don’t disrupt a discussion in progress — if you need to ask a related question, consider starting a new topic and including a link to the old one. And if you disagree with someone, please do so politely.
  • Respect that other people have different points of view, travel experiences, and styles. Please agree to disagree when necessary, and don’t take things personally. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Welcome new guests when you find them. We all love to meet a fellow travel enthusiast!
  • Be specific: When posting a question, answering a question, or discussing your experiences on tour, please be as specific as you can. The more specific you are, the better you can help others, or receive help yourself.
  • Give feedback to your fellow travelers in a helpful and constructive manner.
  • Be mindful of where you are on the Travel Forums! It’s a good idea to double check where you are making your post or topic on the Forums. It’s always better when posts are grouped appropriately.
  • Use Common Sense when seeking advice. The Travel Forums are a great resource, but it’s often best to also make your own inquiries around subjects like health and safety. If you have any general questions, please email info@tauck.com

Please DON’T:
  • Discuss Tauck policy – the Tauck Travel Forums are not an appropriate place to express concern over the policies and practices of Tauck, Inc; the Travel Forum is not a customer relations or customer service tool. Furthermore, messages that address a specific Tour Director or other Tauck employee by name are not permitted. For comments or concerns of this nature, please email info@tauck.com
  • Use discriminatory, derogatory, or other inappropriate language. Debating is fine, and can enhance your Tauck Travel Forum experience — but please, keep it family-friendly. Also remember to be sensitive to differences of race, ethnicity or nationality, gender identity or sexual orientation, as well as to religious, political, or cultural differences.
  • Post messages that contain:
    • Viruses, corrupted files, or software.
    • Any advertising or chain letters.
    • Any solicitations of funds, goods, or services.
    • Any copyrighted material that is not your own.
    • Any hyperlinks to competing travel companies.
  • Post personal details or private information about anyone, such as a home address or telephone number. (Please check our Privacy Policy for more information.) Please note that posting your personal information is permitted at your discretion.
  • Impersonate another person, including other individuals or Tauck employees and staff.
  • Hide behind your screen name. We respect your desire for privacy and anonymity, but that also leads some people to say things they wouldn’t say face to face. Always be polite and civil. Again, bullying will not be permitted.


The results of ignoring the above guidelines are at the discretion of the Travel Forum staff — but we understand that people occasionally misstep, and honest mistakes can be forgiven. Please behave appropriately. When problems do arise, each case will be reviewed individually and dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Possible responses may include:
  • Censorship and removal. Tauck staff reserve the right to delete or edit any post. Please do not resubmit deleted posts or undo edits made by a staff member.
  • Warning. When a moderator edits a post, an “Edit by Moderator” note will appear. If a reason has been given for the edit, please pay attention to it. You may also be contacted by email in some cases.
  • Banning. In extreme cases, a person may be permanently removed from the Travel Forums. This is a rare occurrence, and we hope never to reach this point with any member.

Contacting Us

To contact us, you can email esupport@tauck.com for all forum-related issues. You are also free to use the Contact Us form to contact us.

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