Arrival times for Shanghai and Hong Kong

Just wanted to know what time do we arrive at the hotels in Shanghai and Hong Kong. I'm thinking of taking night tours around the city. Thanks for your input!


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    On our eastbound (will likely differ if you are westbound) trip last May, our flight into Shanghai arrived at 5:20 PM and our flight into HK arrived at 2:35 PM. Those were the scheduled times and I don't recall any delays, but that is situationally dependent, of course. Figure about 90 minutes to the hotels (I didn't record those trip lengths). So, evening plans for Shanghai might be a problem (and our dinner on the arrival night was included), whereas your first night in HK (dinner not included) should be any problem.

    Again, remember that what I describe was for the eastbound trip more than a year ago...things change.
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    Thanks Portolan for the input. My trip is eastbound and as I was applying for my visa, I noticed that the flight to Shanghai is suppose to arrive almost at 8PM. That will certainly cancel my plans for Shanghai on that night.

    Very thankful for your insight, Portolan!

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