Shoes for Italy

This will be our first Tauck Tour and first time in Italy. We are booked on the A Week in Venice, Florence and Rome tour which starts on 8/30/15. Our question is: will my husband need to bring shoes other than sneakers? He was hoping to get by with plain black sneakers in place of dress shoes. A sizing problem precludes the purchase of "casual shoes." It is either sneakers or dress shoes for him. Thanks!


  • I have never paid attention to what shoes men wear. I would say go for the black sneakers. Dress shoes with all the walking would be worse.
  • I would suggest to bring some dress shoes for the evening. Haven't taken that particular tour, but on the Classic Italy tour, many of the restaurants were dressy. You will be dining at nice restaurants in major cities. If you wouldn't wear sneakers to a "white tablecloth" restaurant in New York or Chicago (and I hope you wouldn't), you shouldn't wear them in Rome or Venice. I was most comfortable at dinner in slacks and a nice shirt and wore my blazer a few times. If you don't want to pack two pairs of shoes, Rockport makes some comfy walking shoes (hopefully you can find your size) with rubber soles, but dressy leather on top.
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