What kind of hat to bring?

I'll be on the South Africa Elegant Adventure trip in late September, and in looking through the trip information, I noticed that a "sun hat" is recommended. For anyone who has been on the trip (or a similar one), do people actually wear those sun hats while on safari? Is a baseball-style cap sufficient, or do you need a hat that provides better sun protection?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hey Frecky,

    My wife & I just got back from the S.A. Elegant Adventure. Great trip ... great tour director. (Ask her to do her animal imitations ''' tell her Mike suggested it.)
    Both of us wore baseball hats ... although 80% of the others wore some type of "sun" or "safari" hat.
    I put sun-screen on my ears and did not burn. Tip ... They sell a cool Sabi Sabi "baseball" type hat at Sabi Sabi. Several guys bought and wore those. Wish I had! Have fun, Curious
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