Alps & Dolomites or Switzerland

I am considering taking either the Ultimate Alps and Dolomites Tour in September 2016 or Switzerland (same date). Has anyone been on both and which one would you recommend.


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    I took Switzerland tour a couple of summers ago, lucky enough to be in Lugano for Swiss National Day. This is a busy itinerary, but visiting several countries (lunches in Italy!) and experiencing all the languages, and ranges of temperature!, of Switzerland was wonderful. Our guide was not proficient in anything but English and alas lacked a certain foreign perspective, but even with this less than A+ aspect, the Tauck itinerary and experience were still wonderful, a testament to Tauck indeed. Use your free time wisely...there is not a whole lot of it. I am looking at Ultimate Alps and Dolomites trip for the future.

    Let me add that on the first day, I took the short bus ride to Vevey, next door to Montreux, to visit the Alimentarium, a museum devoted to food. Nice exhibits, a lovely artichoke garden, amazing selection of publications, and art in the water includes a giant fork sculpture! Not much going on in Montreux, so this was definitely worth the little detour.
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