Best of the Canadian Rockies

I'm travelling on the last tour for 2015 in October - The Best of the Canadian Rockies . Anyone been on this tour? I am trying to travel light, but know I will experience cold temperatures at this time. What clothing is needed? Do you need walk boots? I know I can layer, but this is at the end of a 6 week visit to family and friends in the States, most of which is in the south and warm temps. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Chris


  • Hi Chris,

    I haven't taken this trip ... but I am familiar with your issues of long trips over a variety of weather/seasons. I have taken 2 other Canadian Rockies trips, though.

    You will need comfortable walking shoes. You choose what suits you best. I don't think you'd need proper picking boots. I'd suggest you take a couple of pairs of sock liners ... the type you'd wear in snow conditions under wooly socks. They are quite light, dry quickly and are warm. Another thing I'd pack which doesn't take much room is a pair of thick tights. I'm sure blokes could find something similar at an outdoors shop! They give you an extra layer under your regular trousers. Perhaps you might also think of packing a pair of jeans. I realise they are usually too hot/difficult to recycle when you are on the road, but perhaps you could wear them on the flights to and from the States. Denim cuts the wind. You will also need to have some sort of weather proof jacket, preferably with a fold out hood. Even nylon cuts the wind.

    I'm sure someone else with time in witch trip specific advice.


  • Chris,

    What you first indicated, and what Jan detailed, is very important . . . layer, layer, layer. We did this tour in May/June of 2013, and had a wide range of temperatures.

    I did a daily blog, and the pictures will show what people in our group wore.

    You'll love the tour.

  • jdurkin is spot on, layers are what you'll need as you can decide how warm or cool you need to be. Be very careful when choosing hiking shoes too! Many people I know have bought brand new pairs of hiking boots and failed to wear them in properly. They make the mistake of wearing them for their trip and realising they are completely uncomfortable. Very annoying but also very common.

    Just a little tip anyway. Best of luck!

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