Cameras on the Rafting excursion

I'm headed out in a few days. Looking forward to the tour as an amazing photo op. I do have a question about the Colorado River rafting relative to the appropriateness of carrying a camera onboard the raft. I have an expensive camera, and would rather not subject it to a huge amount of water. A little splashing would be okay. Should I forego my regular camera for, perhaps, a throwaway type?


  • I'm taking this trip in September and plan to use my relatively inexpensive water proof digital camera when rafting. I certainly would not bring my SLR. My water proof camera also has a float attached to it in the event that it or I go over the side. Over the past four years I have used it for snorkeling as well as jumping the waves at the beach or swimming underwater to take picture of my grandkids in the pool.
  • I went white-water rafting on the Colorado River last summer. I always carry a camera because I am a bird-watcher. I was certain I would see a golden eagle over the river so I tucked a small point & shoot camera in a safe place between my chest and my life preserver. WELL, I was so busy paddling and paddling and trying to hold on for dear life, that I never took the camera out, except when I spotted a great blue heron standing on the rocks. (At that point, we were just floating on a calm section of the river). If I were to go again, I definitely would NOT take a camera. You can get all your scenery shots before and after the raft trip. PS - I just went and read your itinerary. Your raft trip sounds more like a gentle float trip, so you will probably not be shooting the rapids! Maybe a small, inexpensive camera would be okay!
  • I travelled in September last year and the river is rather benign that time of year. By all means take your camera, place it in a baggie, there is a place to store it, and when ready to shoot take it out of the baggie and enjoy. Point and shoot cameras only.
  • Don't take an expensive camera on the raft trip. It was fun, but we did get splashed. (We went in mid-August and some strange arroyo-causing wind ramped up in the river area and blew us violently. We laughed about being blown into rafts that were lazing downstream in front of us, but I did not have an expensive camera to worry about. Nature is tricky!)
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