Day 10—Drive to Udaipur

Virtually the whole day, some 7-1/2 hours, are spent aboard a coach, travelling between Jaipur and Udaipur. Yet there is nothing in the Tauck literature to indicate what we will be seeing out the windows, or to tell us which route we will follow. Is it Highway 8 past the important pilgrimage city of Ajmer? Or will it be Highway 76, past the fortress of Chittorgarh, the original capital of Mewar? Even Peregrinator in his otherwise excellent blog lets us down here. He tells us only about the contents of his box lunch, not about anything he has seen on a day that has cost him and his wife $1200. As a longtime independent traveler, this is what worries me about a tour, of which this is my first. Can anyone who has taken it recall where they were on this day?

Perhaps I make too much of it. As an old man, I will probably doze the whole time.


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    We were on the 4 November Spotlight on India tour. It was great and the good news is Tauck has now changed the coach trip for a very early morning flight on Spicejet. Which means we were in the Udaipur Oberoi around 2 pm after lunch at the Lakeside. (very spectacular location with nice food)
    It also means more free time to relax at the wonderful Oberoi Udaivillas Resort.

    We left Udaipur for Delhi on a later flight around 1330. Which meant having been able to join a Lakeside yoga session in the morning followed by a very leasurely broadside. We did arrive at the Trident Gargoan around 4 pm.

    Other internal flights went without a hitch, everything was logistically very well organised.

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